Leadership Development – Strengths Coaching

At Leading and Learning Solutions, our customized consulting services are tailored to meet you where you are on your caregiving journey. With Pearl Harmon’s expertise as your guide, we’ll help you develop a personalized, actionable care plan designed to empower both you and your loved one.

Choose Your Experience

Clifton Strengths Discovery Call

During this 45-minute session we will discuss your unique thoughts, challenges, priorities, and goals. We’ll offer insight into how our tools and strategies can help you discover your talents, to ensure the best possible personal and professional outcome for you or your team.

Customized Clifton Strengths Coaching Package

We’ll guide you to make personal discoveries on the issues that challenge you and help you reach the goals that excite you based on your topic of choice. Example: how I can use my strengths to be more successful, influence a team, or adjust to change.

Customized Package & Price for an Individual or a Team includes:
30 or 60 minutes Discovery Call
Top 5 or CliftonStrengths 34
1:1 or team sessions
Email or chat support between coaching sessions
Short-term or long goal setting

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