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Our Story

Meet Dr. Pearl L. Harmon

Dr. Pearl L. Harmon’s journey into the world of elder care was not unlike most people who find themselves providing care for an adult family member or loved one.

But what is exceptional is her passion and investment to lay a groundwork designed to improve the experience for others.

A Note From Dr. Harmon

“I have lived, experienced and understand what you are going through. Ten years ago,  I found myself thrust into the role as caregiver for my parents upon noticing subtle signs of dementia (later determined to be early stages of alzheimers).

I was frustrated, overwhelmed and in denial.

Between struggling to manage physicians, keep track of medical records and figure out financials, I found myself not only in crisis mode but struggling to find relevant information to assist. What I discovered is that despite the volumes of information to be found on caring for individuals with illnesses, there was a definite void of guidance and support for family members leading the care of aging adults.

As an executive leader, coach and career problem solver, it became my mission to fill this void and to create structure where there was none to keep myself, and ultimately others, on track.

Leading and Learning Solutions, LLC offers the tools I so desperately needed as a new caregiver: someone to acknowledge and understand where I was in my journey; tools and resources to stay on track; guidance in maintaining my professional world while acting as caregiver; assistance with how to afford and manage medications and so much more.

My own parents thrived because I learned that to ensure the best care, I had to be a strong advocate — and I embraced the reality that to be a successful caregiver and care leader I had to be intentional about taking care of myself.

You can’t effectively care for a loved one if you are not caring for yourself.

Today, my “why” is positioning those embarking on this journey to navigate, align and maximize their efforts as caregivers and care leaders.

Pictured: My Mom 

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